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  Riding from the tip to the toe of Britain on our Fell ponies was something we'd always wanted to do: a lifelong dream.   Too many friends dying too young have really brought home to us that you never know how long you've got and that if you put off doing whatever it is you want to, you might just find it's too late and it never happens.   We also realised that it wasn't just doing the ride, but wanting to do it with Lancer and Rowan, and if we didn't get a move on, they'd be too old, Elsa would be too restrained by important exams, and who knew what else might happen.  So in the bleak mid-winter of 2005, we decided that the following summer we'd go for it.  

You can read in our diary some of what happened along the way - if you want the full story, you'll have to wait for the book (and yes, it is on its way).  It wasn't a matter of deliberately holding back, but rather that our good intentions of a daily blog were thwarted by lack of funds for a decent phone and associated technological gremlins.  Next time ...

In total we raised £11,245.62 for Cancer Research UK. 

A huge thank you to everyone who sponsored and supported us and helped us raise so much for this worthwhile charity.

As some people have been quick to point out, there are others who raise much more, with less effort, but our ride wasn't just about raising money for charity.  It was about setting ourselves a challenge and achieving  something other than by entering a competition, doing something we really wanted, exploring our own country and so much more.