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send a cheque made payable to Cancer Research UK to Vyv Wood-Gee, Shortrigg, Hoddom, Lockerbie, DG11 1AW,

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I embarassed someone the other day by telling them that my only support is my sports bra, by which I meant that I don't have a vehicle or crew following behind or driving in front of me to carry my gear, mop by brow,  sort out my problems or whatever else.  But although I'm travelling alone, to say I have no other support belittles the many, many people without whom my ride from Skye to Smithfield would not have been possible. 

So to everyone who has so generously supported me, a huge thank you.  In  particular, I would like to thank:

- everyone who has so willingly put me and my ponies up overnight, who has welcomed us into their homes, fed us so well, washed my dirty jodphurs and set us back on our way revived and  revigorated;

- everyone who has encouraged, inspired and enthused us along our way;  moral support matters just as much as financial, and at times a whole lot more;  

- Ally Smith,  Steven Bean and Chris, the fantastic farriers who shod my ponies at the drop of a hat when they had so much else to do, and without whom we would not have been able to carry on;

- the lovely people who have popped up from nowhere and proferred cups of tea (if only it happened every day!);

- Chris, Jake and Elsa, my family back home, who have never once tried to discourage me from following my dreams, who so willingly look after the rest of my menagerie in my absence, and who, when I ring in tears, only ask when I last ate instead of telling me to shut up and put up.